Iced Latte Recipe / ice latte recipe CTS34

How to Make an Iced Latte

An iced latte, perfect for summer or anytime you prefer a cold drink to a hot one, is made by pouring espresso and milk over ice. Here how to make the drink like a café barista.

Things You’ll Need:

•Espresso machine

•Ground espresso

•Large glass


•Cold milk


•Flavored syrup or sugar (optional)


Step 1

Spoon grounds of espresso into the espresso machine’s portafilter and compress the grounds with a camper, creating a flat surface.

Step 2

Brush off any grounds left along the rim and attach the portafilter to the machine. On most machines you align the filter with the pockets, push the filter up and pull it to the right, creating a tight seal.

Step 3

Place a demitasse cup (an espresso cup) or a shot glass under the filter and, using your espresso machine’s guidelines, pull an espresso shot.

Step 4

Fill a glass 2/3 to completely full with ice.

Step 5

Pour espresso over ice.

Step 6

Fill the glass with milk. Add flavored syrup or sugar to taste and stir to blend everything. Add ice as needed, and enjoy.

Step 7

Some espresso machines come equipped with single shot port filters and others with double shot filters. To make a double shot with the double shot filter, use two shot glasses, one under each spout. To make a double shot using a single shot filter, go through the single process twice.

Tips & Warnings

– A good espresso shot should take between 18 and 30 seconds. If your shot takes much longer or shorter, adjust the amount of grounds or tamping pressure.

– Use vanilla, caramel and other syrup flavors to create a flavored iced latte.

– Use chocolate to make an iced mocha. If chocolate won’t blend, mix with espresso first, and then add ice.

– Do not steam or froth milk to make an iced latte. Use cold milk.

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