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What is “Rose Tea“? It is the tea made with the petals and hips of rose. Roses are proven to contain Vitamin C, Pectin, Malic and Citric Acids. Those ingredients have the ability to balance the mind.

Rose tea also helps your body to deal with infection and help to reestablish the population of the normal bacterial of the intestines. This way, you can stay fit while doing various activities. Isn’t it every busy people’s dream? If you drink Rose Tea frequently, you will be able to keep you body in a good condition.

Rose Tea has the ability to cure the liver problems such as Sluggishness and constipation. It also cleans the bladder and the liver as it encourage the bile flow. Those are the proven result you can expect from Rose Tea. 

10 Extraordinary Medicinal Uses for Rose Tea         

Because of the medicinal properties of rose, it is widely used in Ayurveda medicine. One cup of fresh rose hips has the equivalent amount of vitamin C in 60 oranges. Rose tea (tea made with rose petals and hips) is not a new idea. Here are 10 extraordinary health benefits of rose tea. 

Why roses are considered an ideal gift to express love? There is an interesting reason for this. Roses soothe heart and emotions. They also balance the mind. 

The reasons for the diuretic effects of the roses are they contain Vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acids. 

1. It clears toxins and heat from the body. As a result it has a cooling effect on the body.

2. It can relieve from sore throat, runny nose and blocked bronchial tubes

3. It is useful to people those prone to chest problems by fighting against infections

4. Rose tea helps to fight the infection in the digestive tract and re-establish the normal bacterial population of the intestines

5. It relieves fluid retention and hastens the elimination of wastes through kidneys

6. It is a wonderful remedy for dysentery, diarrhea and gastro enteritis

7. It is a laxative. It works as a remedy for all liver problems including sluggishness and constipation.

8. It cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes bile flow

9. Rose petal tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion causing pain and heavy periods. It is an excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility.

10. It has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and can relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue 

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