What its benefit for the healthy? / coffee storage container CTS17

Coffee ground is an airfreshener, neutralizing odors in the refrigerator or in shoe cupboards.

A cup of coffee uprises my spirit and my train of thought is clearer.

 A day’s full of stress can be very exhausting. When it gets to about 3-4pm, having a cup of rich, flavorful coffee can really lift one’s mood and spirit.  The refreshment brings clearer train of thoughts. I even feel more confident when talking with my clients. Coffee really helps to recover the spirit and to relax.

On weekends or holidays, when the sunlight shines into the room, I like to curl up on my living room sofa with a good book or journal and with a cup of delicious coffee. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but at home. Then I feel really comfortable and relaxed.

 The flavor of coffee beans can be split up into a few categories: acidic, bitter, neutral, aromatic, etc.  Coffee beans can also be separated by the different areas of cultivation.  Everyone has his own favorite type of coffee.

When casting coffee, the more foam comes up, the fresher the coffee is. If there is little or no foam means the coffee is not so fresh.  Also if there is a visible coat of oil on the beans means, the coffee has been roasted already more than a week ago.

Coffee by nature always absorbs the moisture around it.  Being in a sub-tropical climate, where humidity is high, storing coffee is a difficult task. If coffee beans or powder are exposed to moisture, they will lose both taste and freshness.  No matter the technique you use to brew the coffee, you will never regain its lost flavor.


How to store coffee to protect it from moisture? How to keep grinded coffee and coffee beans at its great tasting flavor?

Best to buy always only half pound coffee every time. Divide it in portions and store in different containers. Only grind the amount for one week to use. Coffee powder has a bigger surface than beans and is therefore more sensitive against air contact and easier to lose quality.

Open only one box (jar) to use. The rest keep closed. This can reduce air contact coffee opportunity. The others stay closed. To storage coffee in a vacuum airtight container is even better and can reduce coffee oxidation speed.Coffee beans can put in the original package, sealed and put into vacuumsaver container to storage. This protects the best against air contact and moisture, keeps the coffee dry. Following this way to storage coffee can keep coffee best aroma.

There are containers of different quality in the market. If a container (jar) can offer antimoisture, airtight and water sealed function, it is usable for storage coffee. Lock & Lock products are good air sealing. Have a try. The best choice is a container (jar) specially designed for storage coffee and with vacuum function.

 When buying coffee beans or powder they are mostly vacuum packed. Many people after opening still storage the coffee in these bags. With the time air will get into the package and reduces the taste of the coffee. Suggestion to use vacuum function to storage coffee. This can long term keep the full aroma of the coffee. Coffee containers, which are already long in the market, are mostly airtight jar out of tin, aluminum or glass. In recent years consumer care more for the taste of coffee. This leads to produce airtight containers, which better seals airtight. This is often done with additional flaps or spring clips or like Lock & Lock products. However these still can’t completely avoid air and moisture get into the container, what harms the coffee.

 I recommend a product new in the market vacuumsaver for storage coffee. It has an accessory part, a handy pump to pump air out of the container and to create a vacuum. Vacuumsaver containers are 100% airtight, so no air can get in. In moment it is the best coffee storage container in the market. Without vacuum it is an airtight container to keep things fresh. Vacuumsaver supply containers of different styles and sizes. They are reasonable priced and costs similar to that of other containers.

 I tested vacuumsaver’s sealing.
1. by putting water in the vacuumsaver container and it doesn’t leak at all.
2. by using vacuumsaver handy accessory pump, I achieved true vacuum in only 10 seconds. The container holds the vacuum over two weeks, without need of pumping again.

Taiwan climate is humid and hot. Food (especially raw food) is susceptible to moulding. The method of storage the food influences the taste and freshness. Don’t let it too long by room temperature. Raw food shall always be stored in an airtight container and put into refrigerator. Normal food best storage in an vacuum airtight container and put it in a cool and dark place for keep it long time fresh.

In daily life I pay more attention on the freshness of coffee, tea, rice, cookies and vegetable. Many people think to keep that type of food fresh only need plastic wrap or simple container. Even airtight ones can keep food only fresh for a limited time.

Many people think it’s complicate to operate vacuum containers, because of the physical theory of vacuum. But it’s really very easy. Vacuumsaver’s design is based on vacuum theory. I am very satisfied with their products. The handling is as easy and convenient as Lock & Lock containers. But vacuumsaver has additional true vacuum. They are not only airtight, also create vacuum by pumping the air out. Air and humidity can’t go in and trapped air is pumped out. The shelf-life of my food is now double long because moisture and air is kept out.

For my opinion, after buying the coffee, divide it in weekly portions and put in separate containers to maintain the freshness.  Vacuumsaver provides different sized containers just for this purpose. They have different styles and smaller size (0.5L) or medium size container (0.75L), made of glass or plastic.  Only grind the amount for one week..After finishing up one container’s worth of coffee, I can move on to the next, and this batch has been in vacuum storage the entire time, guaranteeing that it is fresh.

I’d recommend that you take a look at their website: www.vcuumtrends.com. I think this product can be a great addition to every home.

(coffee storage container CTS17)

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