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 Sir Thomas Lipton was a Scottish-born entrepreneur and innovator who decided in 1880, at the age of 40, that he would make tea accessible to all at acceptable prices and with a guaranteed quality. Before Thomas Lipton, tea had been expensive. It was a beverage for the rich and variable in taste as a result of improper packaging and transportation. Thomas Lipton acquired tea estates in Ceylon (today Sri Lanka) and organized packaging and transportation at low cost to sell his teas ‘direct from the tea garden to the tea pot’. In 1893, he established the Thomas J Lipton Co., a tea packing company with its headquarters and factory in Hoboken, New Jersey.

 LIPTON teas were an immediate success in the US. Thomas Lipton was knighted by Queen Victoria, who made him Sir Thomas Lipton in 1898 at the age of forty-eight.

 Thanks to Sir Thomas Lipton, LIPTON is the world’s leading tea brand and present in more than 80 countries.

 LIPTON Tea offers you a large selection of ways to enjoy refreshing, great tasting teas.

Choice is a wonderful thing. Whether you prefer your black or green, hot or cold, LIPTON has the tea that’s right for your tastes. And only LIPTON offers this many choices.

 Discover all the flavorful, refreshing ways LIPTON delivers the highest quality, delicious tea products that fit your healthy lifestyle.

 Celestial Seasonings

 In 1969, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs founded Celestial Seasonings upon the belief that their flavorful, all-natural herbal teas could help people live healthier lives. They harvested fresh herbs from the Rocky Mountains by hand, and then dried, blended and packaged them in hand-sewn muslin bags to be sold at local health food stores. By staying committed to their vision, the founders of Celestial Seasonings turned their cottage industry into an almost overnight success.

 Today, Celestial Seasonings is the largest specialty tea manufacturer in North America. We serve more than 1.6 billion cups of tea every year, and we source more than 100 different ingredients from over 35 countries to create our delicious, all-natural herbal, green, red, white, chai and wellness teas. But most importantly, we’re still about people and passion.

 For more than 40 years, we’ve traveled to the ends of the earth to find the highest quality, most authentic ingredients for our teas – visiting over 35 different countries to source more than 100 of the finest natural botanicals. Our extensive travels have enabled us to introduce the most unique and inventive flavor combinations available, and to bring a sense of adventure to every cup.

 Use the navigation bar to the left to explore the extraordinary variety and all-natural great taste of our herbal, green, wellness, red, chai and white teas. You’ll find classic favorites like Sleepytime, Chamomile, Lemon Zinger and more – and probably discover a delicious new favorite as well!


Salada first introduced its tea in tea bags in 1930’s to provide an easy way to brew a single cup of tea. Originally the bags were made of fabric similar to gauze and were sewn closed. For convenient removal of the teabag, one end of a string was attached to the bag and the other to a paper tag, which remained outside the cup and could be grasped easily to avoid the hot steeping tea. To add an additional twist, Salada subsequently printed a few words of wit or wisdom on each tea tag beginning in the early 1960’s. These tidbits were intended to provoke a smile or a thought while the tea drinker paused with a cup of Salada tea. Through the years, Salada tag lines have become a memorable part of Salada Tea.

 In 1990, almost a century after Mr. Larkin founded his tea company, Salada introduced Salada Naturally Decaffeinated Tea, a blend of carefully selected high quality teas. These teas are decaffeinated using a 100% natural process to preserve their fine qualities and produce a flavor that is uniquely Salada. Salada has been marketing both black and green tea in the United States for more than 100 years. Salada’s considerable experience and expertise in green has made Salada a leader in the green tea marketplace. In 1997, the company introduced Salada Green Tea Flavors, a line of flavored green teas for those tea drinkers looking for a new taste sensation. Salada Teas now comes in flow-through tea bags to fully release the great flavor of Salada even faster than before. With four sides instead of two, these tea bags allow the hot water to quickly find its way to the tea leaves so brewing time is reduced.



every sip of Twinings’ tea is a marriage of experience—yours and ours. Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by trusted growers around the world. From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape your next Twinings moment.

ll teas are born from the Camellia sinensis plant. Once picked, the leaves are treated to different processes on their way to becoming Black, Oolong, Green or White tea.

 On the other hand, Red and Herbal ‘teas’ aren’t teas at all, but herbal infusions made from the Rooibos bush in the case of Red tea, or from fruits, flowers and other plants for Herbal teas.

 Good Earth Teas


Good Earth® is dedicated to brewing goodness into each and every cup of our delicious teas, ensuring a purity and authenticity in a wide variety of blends.

 One of the first American herbal companies and a leader in specialty tea, Good Earth® Teas are simply about taste. Our aim is to bring you full flavored, healthy teas from around the world. We use top quality ingredients in unique combinations to give you richer, more flavorful teas to savor every day. 

East India Company


Offering specialty products of uncompromising quality with intensely personalized service is a hallmark of The East Indies Tea Company.

 For more than 35 years we have traveled throughout the world to deliver the finest teas and other products to our customers.

 Our passion for the finest teas on earth magnifies our devotion to the development of new, creative tea blends, unique classic teas and teas blended especially for our individual customer needs. We provide the finest specialty teas and other products for our most discerning customers.

 We are committed to on-time deliveries, comprehensive inventories, custom blending, and the fastest possible service from a domestic source. Our substantial inventories in the United States help minimize shipment delays due to tie-ups with customs or other hurdles that can disrupt the flow of business.

 Meeting our customer needs in all we do is our focus. To this end, we firmly stand behind our quality products; and we feel that they are, beyond doubt, the best the world has to offer!


 From a modest beginning in 1978, the group has become a force to reckon with in the Indian tea and agro commodity industry. It has also made an indelible mark in the international tea market, the mere mention being synonymous with Quality and Trust. While it has registered tremendous growth, the group has earned itself a select band of loyal customers. 

All over the world, Girnar is a respected name, known for its high standards of quality and reliability. Its customers are the driving force; they give the group its perspectives, values as one of India’s foremost agro-commodity houses. 

After restructuring its business in April 2005, the group has consolidated most of its activities in Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd. This company now has two divisions namely, International, that looks after the group’s export business and the Domestic division that caters to the distribution of a range of products in India. Girnar is nurtured on the commerce of international trade, scientific sourcing techniques and learning how to artfully satisfy hard-to-please customers. 

It is managed by a team of professionals with years of in-depth knowledge of tea and agro-commodities. Careful selection of every consignment, skillful blending under hygienic conditions and world class packing are the hallmarks of Ginar products, whether for export or Indian markets. 

Girnar’s Domestic division, through its innovative marketing skills and well-integrated distribution network in far-flung places has provided the company a cutting edge in a fiercely competitive environment. 

The privilege tea shops under the name and style of Girnar Tea are the mainstay of Girnar’s domestic retail business.  Tea takes tea directly to the consumer through its network of strategically located outlets. Stocked with the best and most fresh teas, it has an active presence in Maharashtra at present. However, plans to expand to the rest of India are underway. Tea leaves, hand-picked from Assam, the Nilgiris and Darjeeling, are carefully processed and superbly blended to offer customers full value for money. The chain of privilege tea shops also sell grounded coffee and milk powder of the highest standard.

Girnar in its state of the Art plant manufacturers various kinds of Tea bags (Black, Green, Flavoured & Herbals). Girnar has forged alliances/partnerships for marketing its various products with companies in Dubai (UAE), Warsaw (Poland), Chicago (USA) and for production with a company in Colombo (Sri Lanka). Also in order to ensure that customers in far-flung areas in India and Rest of the World have access to buying quality products, Girnar has stepped into the world of e-commerce through its B2C online portal 

Communication systems may have transformed the world into a global village. But some old-fashioned trade methods are still being pursued with traditional zeal. Leveraging on Girnar’s reputation and credibility, and based on its vast experience in international markets, products are bought in third countries and sold to clients all over the world. 

After all, it’s the capability and experience that distinguishes the company from the rest. Satisfied customers from 42 countries around the world have given the Girnar group a unanimous vote. 

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