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The rich taste of your favourite coffee is reflected in its rich history. The beginnings of NESCAFÉ can be traced all the way back to 1930, when the Brazilian government first approached Nestlé. Our coffee specialist, Max Morgenthaler, and his team set out to find a way of producing a quality cup of coffee that could be made simply by adding water, yet would retain the coffee’s natural flavour. After seven long years of research in our Swiss laboratories, they found the answer.

Quality guaranteed – since 1938!

The new product was named NESCAFÉ – a combination of the Nes-root of Nestlé and the word café. NESCAFÉ was first introduced in Switzerland, on April 1st, 1938. For the first half of the next decade, however, World War II hindered its success in Europe. NESCAFÉ was soon exported to France, Great Britain and the USA.  American forces played a key role in re-launching NESCAFÉ in Europe by virtue of the fact that it was included in their food rations. Its popularity grew rapidly through the rest of the decade. By the 1950s, coffee had become the beverage of choice for teenagers, who were flocking to coffee-houses to hear the new rock ’n’ roll music. In 1965 NESCAFÉ continued to bring you the world’s best cup of coffee by introducing freeze-dried soluble coffee with the launch of Gold Blend. A few years later we invented a new technology to capture more aroma and flavour from every single coffee bean. In 1994 the ‘full aroma’ process was invented to make the unique quality and character of NESCAFÉ even better.

Today, our NESCAFÉ coffees are available to suit all tastes and in a wide range of packaging. NESCAFÉ now produces many different types … which one is your favourite?  

NESCAFÉ® Gold Naturally Contains Antioxidants.

There is always on-going debate that a stimulating cup of coffee may not be healthy for you. Now we can shed light on this myth – NESCAFÉ® GOLD, Singapore’s Number One Pure Instant Coffee brand, has 127 820 µmoles trolox equivalent per 100g (Analysed by Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) method, antioxidant capacity mainly contributed by polyphenols and melanoidins). Just like fruits and vegetables, NESCAFÉ® GOLD has all the benefits of natural antioxidants but comes in the form of aromatic, stimulating and great tasting coffee that all coffee lovers like. 

The unique NESCAFÉ® process starts with selecting the best coffee cherries from the coffee plant. Water is then used to extract the beans from the coffee cherries and subsequently to carry concentrated coffee out of these beans. NESCAFÉ® GOLD uses the freeze-drying technique to freeze the coffee liquid to negative 40 degrees then evaporate the frozen liquid in a vacuum condition to retain only the highest quality pure unadulterated coffee granules. Through this patented process, NESCAFÉ® retains the best aroma, flavours and antioxidants in every cup. 

NESCAFÉ® GOLD has also achieved its status as the Healthier Choice as recommended by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). NESCAFÉ® Gold is made from 100% premium coffee beans. When drunk black, one serving of NESCAFÉ® Gold is virtually fat free! With NESCAFÉ® Gold, you can choose to drink healthier coffee simply because you can add lesser sugar and even replace the creamer with non-fat milk. Now, Singaporeans can enjoy their favourite coffee without guilt.

For those who lead a demanding lifestyle, there is NESCAFÉ® GOLD 3in1, a distinctive blend made from the golden granules of NESCAFÉ® GOLD, to compliment your day. There is nothing quite like taking a moment to enjoy a deserving cup of quality and taste.  

 NESCAFÉ® Classic with Arabica Beans

In view of the growing popularity of specialty coffee in Singapore, NESCAFE® has come up with a new technology to further enhance the aroma and taste experience of NESCAFE® Classic. In this new process, natural coffee aroma is collected from freshly roasted and ground coffee beans. The coffee aroma is added back during the process and is encapsulated in each and every grain of NESCAFE® Classic powder. Now you can enjoy of a fresh burst of natural coffee aroma whenever you prepare your favourite cup of NESCAFE® Classic!



Introducing NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER®, a low fat 3-in-1 instant coffee mix with a choice of Hi-Calcium and Collagen.

 NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER® Coffee with Hi-Calcium Milk contains calcium to help support the development of strong bones and teeth. 3 cups of NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER® coffee with hi-calcium milk contribute 324mg of calcium to help meet your daily calcium requirements. 

The latest addition to the range is NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER® 3in1 Coffee with Collagen. Collagen is a protein in connective tissues found in skin, bones and muscles. NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER® Coffee with Collagen has 200mg of collagen in every 20g serving. 

The NESCAFÉ® BODY PARTNER® range is available at all leading supermarkets including Fairprice, Cold Storage, Shop & Save, Giant, Sheng Shiong and Carrefour. Each pack contains 20 sachets. Now you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee with all the additional goodness! 



Made from quality beans, NESCAFÉ® White Coffee, the new 4-in-1 instant coffeemix which comes with the goodness of milk, delivers a deliciously thick, smooth and aromatic cup of coffee every time.

Every pack of NESCAFÉ® White Coffee contains 15 sachets. Rich and creamy, it is your perfect companion to truly unwind in the simple pleasures of enjoyment. 

NESCAFÉ® 3-in-1


NESCAFÉ® is proud to introduce 3-in-1 in Rich, Regular and Mild – allowing consumers to choose their personal cup for every occasion. NESCAFÉ® 3-in-1 Rich is strong and aromatic for real coffee lovers, NESCAFÉ® 3-in-1 Regular is ideally balanced for your daily cup and NESCAFÉ® 3-in-1 Mild is smooth and creamy for light coffee moments.

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