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I usually have a cup of coffee for breakfast to start my day, this uplifts my spirit and energy greatly.  Around 3 pm I like to enjoy another cup, what some people call a coffee break, this give me time to relax and recharge for the rest of the day.  These two times are now a daily routine for me.

 If I ever have a cup of coffee other than these times, it’s because I am in a good mood or want to be just a bit more relaxed

 The flavor of coffee beans can be split up into a few categories: acidic, bitter, neutral, aromatic, etc.  Coffee beans can also be separated by the different areas of cultivation.  Everyone has his own favorite type of coffee.

 Coffee, at the very least, needs to be fresh.  The freshness and countdown to the expiration date of coffee starts the day that it is roasted. 

Freshly processed coffee beans begin to release gases, mainly CO2.  The initial 2-3 days after roasting, the coffee beans release the most gases, this continues for about one week. During this period, the coffee is at its best, starting then to decrease aroma.  Unfortunately, this can’t be avoided.  However, coffee plantations and manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to store and package coffee to maintain the full aroma. As long as the packaging is original and good, aroma will also be good.

 Moisture can be a petri dish for various types of bacterias, such as colibacillus, staphylococci, and different types of fungi.  Because of these problems, the packaging and storage of coffee is very important.  Therefore, I always suggest that people use an air-tight or vacuum seal for coffee that has already been opened.  Not only can this prevent oxidation and moisture, but it can also prevent germs and bacteria from contaminating the coffee.  This avoids coffee decrease quality.

vacuumsaver’s containers are designed by physical theory of vacuum. They keep the coffee longtime fresh. I believe having a cup of good coffee is very relaxing, and also healthy. 

 If coffee is not sealed and has contact to air moisture will influence it, often leading to growth of mould and bacteria. Even if you have an airtight bag, the gas released by the coffee can let the bag break. Air and moisture can go in, bacteria and mould can grow easily. The quality of coffee will worsen.

 Coffee storage is not only a technology, it’s an art. Most people use airtight container, but this is not enough. Only vacuum containers are optimal. Separate the coffee in several jars. This keeps coffee longer fresh, because during emptying one jar, the others are still fully closed. This way keeps the taste and freshness of the coffee for long time.

 Before I was introduced to vacuumsaver containers, I always thought airtight containers are the best fresh containers to storage coffee. Since I use vacuumsaver products, I realized that it is important for healthy to use vacuum container to storage food.

 In daily life is many food that is easily affected by moisture, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, noodles, crackers, medicines, and spices. Food exposed to moisture will loose quality, will clump, change the out looking, even can mould, get bacteria and even poisoning. If people do not notice and eat such food it is harmful for the healthy.

Especially coffee affected by moisture produces a substance which can even cause cancer! For coffee it is important to be storage in a box with vacuum function.

 Most containers (jars) in market are considered airtight, but they can’t offer antimoisture and freshness effect like a vacuum container do.

 I recommend using vacuumsaver container to storage coffee. They use the theory of vacuum to design food container. People have to correct their mind, that airtight container can offer freshness. Vacuum container keeps food fresh. It’s a big revolution in the market of food containers. For moisture susceptible food like coffee it is the ideal storage container.

  I investigated, vacuumsaver’s preservation standards passes Europe’s LFGB and FDA’s seal of approval. With its vacuum function it is 100% airtight. Even without the vacuum function, the preservation of food is better than by other containers.

 vacuumsaver containers are available in different sizes and forms, with an elegant outlook. The price is about the same as other containers, but have additional the vacuum function.  You can put it in to the refrigerator, into the deep freezer and use it in the microwave without removing the lid, not dirtying the mircowave oven. vacuumsaver container is  easy to handle.

 From the healthy point of view to use the vacuum container to storage food is better than traditional or airtight containers. For your healthy, vacuum saver container is the best choice for storage coffee.

 Coffee grounds after it has been brewed can be used as an ashtray and deodorizer.  It also eliminates odors, when placed in shoe cabinets or sinks. It can also be used as fertilizer.

  Gout is a problem that comes from uric acid being compounded in the blood, damaging joints and causing pain. Research proves that coffee can reduce the risk of gout, independent of the amount of caffeine. Coffee has by nature chlorogenic acid, a known anti-oxidant. Antioxidants found in coffee reduce the body’s uric acid.

 To drink too much coffee is harmful to the body, because caffeine is a stimulant. On the other side medical research proves, that coffee contains antioxidants. So to drink some cup of coffee with low or high amount of caffeine per day is healthy for the body.

 Taiwan is considered a sub-tropical island with high humidity and high temperature all around the year. If food is not storage well it easily get moulder or get bacteria. To avoid this, keep coffee dry and use a vacuum container, put it in a cool and dark place.

 Normal containers are only airtight, no vacuum function. To use normal airtight containers to storage coffee only can prevent that air goes in, but can’t remove inside air. This can still damage the coffee. This is not the correct way to storage coffee.

  I recommend vacuumsaver containers. They are airtight, but have additional the vacuum function. The assessory pump is pressed on the valve and the inside air is pumped out. In only 10 seconds the vacuum is created. Because of the vacuum the coffee stays long-term fresh and aromatic.

 Make an easy test. Put small kid’s crackers into a vacummsaver jar and pump the air out. You’ll notice that the cracker’s stay long time tasty and crunchy. Many kind of dry food like cookies or rice, storage with vacuumsaver products, will keep long time fresh.

 Traditional old generation mostly use not sealed simple buckets to storage rice. This is not very hygienic and the rice can easily get insects, like rice bugs. If use vacuumsaver jar to storage rice, it’s not only looking nice, it also keeps the rice fresh and free from all kind of insects. I am very happy I don’t see the insects any more.

 vacuumsaver airtight containers have a double function :

* To use it as a normal airtight container you only need to close the lid.

* The second function is the vacuum function. You only press the handy pump on to the valve and pump the air out. In only 10 seconds you have a vacuum. To open, you only lightly press the valve and open the flaps.

 I like tea and coffee very much. They are essential for my daily life. I only use vacuumsaver jar to storage my tea, coffee beans and coffee powder. I am very satisfied of vacuumsaver container. It is the best container to keep coffee fresh and aromatic.

With vacuumsaver the freshness is 1.5 times longer than other airtight container. Because they really keep coffee long time fresh I can enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee over a.  long time. (coffee beans storage CTS15)

 It’s worth to look at

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