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Coffee Machines have always been the domain of the exclusive cafe or dirt cheap (but friendly) diner on the highway. You find your way to the counter and ask for a cup of java, or a latte, and voila! several minutes later you are presented with a delicious steamy cup of your favorite beverage.

Because coffee is one of our most favorite drinks and energy pick me ups – we don’t usually mind if the flavor varies from cafe to cafe – but just imagine for a moment if you could produce the perfect coffee every time – time after time! Well coffee makers are pushing themselves to produce better and better “home” coffee machines that you and I can use to make coffee as good, as if not better than your local cafe or diner.

It doesn’t matter whether you have never made a coffee before in any form – either instant or a perfect cappuccino – the range of coffee machines on offer today are truly fool proof.

Allow me to showcase just a handful of coffee machines best sellers that are available out there for you:

1. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machines

Product Description

Brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee in less than a minute with this single-serve coffee machine. The appliance works with pre-ground, pre-sealed coffee capsules containing 100-percent Arabica fine ground coffee. Use one capsule for coffee or two capsules for cappuccino, slide the custom-control lever to the desired coffee strength, and it takes care of the rest. With 15 bars of pump pressure and a Thermobloc pump and heating element, the machine delivers perfect pressure and water temperature to ensure cafe-quality results. Choose from a wide variety of beverages including espresso, frothy cappuccino, latte, cafe lungo, and chococino. For added convenience, there’s no messy grinding or clean up–simply throw away the used capsule and insert another. Cup after cup can be enjoyed without any crossing-over of flavors from one drink to the next. Other details include a 51-ounce removable water tank, a magnetic pod holder, a metal cast puncture and brew levers, unique hot and cold manual capability, and an adjustable/removable drip tray to accommodate any height cup or glass. The single-serve coffee machine measures 8-2/5 by 12-2/5 by 13 inches.

 2. DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

Product Description

With two thermostats for separately controlling water and steam pressure, this convenient appliance makes espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature for both. The 15-bar pump-driven machine features a durable stainless-steel broiler, and its self-priming operation allows for brewing a favorite beverage without annoying start-up preparations. In addition, the unit’s unique dual-function filter accommodates both E.S.E. pods and ground espresso. Used with ground espresso, the filter mixes air into the brewing process to produce a perfect crema, which, distinguished by its caramel color, is the essence of authentic espresso. And for excellent cappuccinos, the espresso maker�s adjustable swivel jet frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich creamy froth. Other highlights include a removable 35-ounce water tank for simple cleaning and filling, an “on/off” switch with an indicator light, and a removable drip tray. Designed and engineered in Italy, the 1000-watt espresso maker measures 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 11-1/8 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

 3. Gaggia 16100 Evolution Home Espresso Cappuccino Machine

Product Description

The Gaggia Evolution has new sleek lines. The housing may be revolutionary but we can thank Gaggia for not messing with a good thing as they kept the internal components the same. The high wattage dual heating element boiler has about the quickest heat up time in the industry. The 55watt pump has power to spare, and is mounted on vibration resistant rubber mounts. The Gaggia home espresso machines where designed to fit into both the perfectionist and the, Get it and go type of lifestyles. The Evolution has a commercial style filter basket for the person who wants to perfect their technique, and the unique Perfect Crema Device for those who want it quick and simple. The reservoir is easy to fill. Slide it to the left and poor the water in. You dont have to remove it from the machine. Gaggia has been tested and approved for use with the world famous Illy pods. The controls are simple and have all the necessary temperature ready lights. Use this machine to its fullest, and each cup will be creamy, tasty, robust, and rich with flavor. This includes two stainless steel filter baskets (one and two shot), coffee tamper, and 7g measuring scoop.

 4. Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Description

Consumers Best Buy! The Gaggia Classic is one of our best sellers for several reasons. Commercial grade quality: Rugged construction of heavy duty materials for longevity. High performance: Forged brass components to stabilize temperature with a three-way solenoid valve and independent expansion valve. Gaggia is in the process of rolling out a new Turbo-Frother wand replacing the metal frothing wand and sleeve. The Gaggia Classic turns anyone into a “Barista” in their own home. Includes two stainless steel filter baskets (single and double shot), coffee tamper and 7g measuring scoop

 * * *

Home coffee machines offer you and I the opportunity to have cafe style coffee at home whenever we desire. There is nothing more appealing than the smell of fresh ground coffee and the sound of milk being frothed on your home coffee machine. There are many different brands, such as Gaggia, Krups and De Longhi. I will continue to update and hopefully provide you with lots of useful information and tips to help make the most of your new purchase.

Enjoy making those delicious coffee drinks!

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